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Bamboo Garden Hotel LONGJI
Bamboo Garden Hotel has very tidy, elegant and luxurious facilities: upscale comfort, excellent service, delicious food, culinary breakfast with garden fresh fruits,  fresh bread, toast, waffles from our own bakery, Guangxi coffee, Longji tea, hot chocolate, egg dishes and cheese.

Enjoy the comfortable atmosphere in the Bamboo Garden Restaurant Tea and Coffeeshop: in the afternoon for tea-time or  coffee  with fresh waffles, pancakes or cakes from our own bakery, or  have a drink or a glass of wine in the evening.


Longji, Ping'an Village
Longsheng, Guilin, Guangxi,
People's Rebuplic of China
Zip Code 541701

Telephone: 0086 773 546 3583


邮政编码 541701

电话: 0773 546 3583